Abri-Flex S3 Premium Protective Underwear Small 17-1/2″ – 27-1/2″


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Abri-Flex S3 premium protective underwear, small, fits 17.5″ to 27.5″ waist/hip. 2100ml absorption. Features include: (1) Extraordinarily High Number of Elastic Threads – The extra threads ensure a perfect fit and that the product stays in place during use; (2) Super Soft and Breathable Textile-like Exterior – The cloth-like exterior makes the product noiseless and discreet. It also ensures superior comfort and healthier skin; (3) Discreet Wetness Indicator -The wetness indicator turns blue when wet and makes it easy to check when the product needs to be changed; (4) Unique Elastication in the Crotch Area – Provides a snug body fit and minimizes the risk of leakage; (5) Top Dry Layer – The skin-side contact layer is designed to absorb rapidly and maintain its dryness; (6) Channel System – The core was designed with a channel system for rapid absorption and dispersion of liquid; (7) Odor System – The absorbent core has odor eliminators which reduces the risk of unpleasant odors; (8) Leg Leakage Barriers – The barriers act as a liquid guard at the most vulnerable part of any incontinence product. Designed to prevent leakage where the product touches the thigh or leg.


In Stock


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Weight 3.7125 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 6 in

Pack(age) – 14 pcs

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Abri-Flex S3 Premium Protective Underwear Small 17-1/2" - 27-1/2"

Abri-Flex S3 Premium Protective Underwear Small 17-1/2" - 27-1/2"