• TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Underwear, Heavy Absorbency, Unisex

    Designed for nighttime use with Lie Down Protection TENA ProSkin Overnight™ Super Protective Underwear has a specially designed core for overnight Lie Down Protection where you need it most to wick away moisture from the skin surface and, ConfioAir® 100% Breathable Technology helps maintain skin’s natural moisture balance. The product is intended for mobile and semi-mobile individuals that supports self-toileting and is easy to put on and pull off just like real underwear. The soft material stretches to fit the contours of the body for a secure and comfortable fit and worry-free, nighttime protection. For medium to heavy night time incontinence. 3rd party endorsement by the Skin Health Alliance panel of experts gives you peace of mind that independent skin health experts have verified this product is safe for the skin.

    Item # Size QTY
    SQ72235 Medium 56 each
    SQ72325 Large 56 each
    SQ72427 XL 48 each


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